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What If the Case Is Adjourned or Scheduled for Trial on Another Date?
  • Be sure to come back to Court on the newly scheduled date.
  • Go to the room you were told to go to by the Court or the Expeditor.
  • On your return, follow the same instructions given above, in the section entitled “What Should You Do When Your Case Is Called? ” on page 10.
  • Be sure to check your name on the calendar and check in with the court clerk.
  • If the case has been adjourned for trial, be sure that you come back to Court with all of your evidence and witnesses. (See “What Do I Bring to Court to Prove My Case? ” on page 8).
  • If you get any papers from the tenant or from the Court that tell you to come back to Court on a different date, do not ignore them. Be sure you go back to Court on that date.
  • It is important that you read any papers that you receive because you may have to respond to them before you go back to court.
  • If you have any questions about the papers or about what will happen when you go back to Court, you may speak to an attorney in the Resource Center or Clerk’s Office. The attorney is called a “Housing Court
    Counselor or Pro Se Attorney.”


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