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What Should You Do When Your Case Is Called?

Each case will be called by the Judge, clerk, or the court attorney.

When your case is called, both sides will meet with the Judge or the court attorney.

Your petition that you filed should be part of the court’s file. You should bring your own copies as well as any other evidence you need to prove your case. (See What Do I Bring to Court to Prove My Case? on page 8 ).

If you need time to get an attorney or you do not have a document you need, you may ask for an “adjournment” (to come back on a later date).

If there have been two adjournments at the request of the other side or the case has been in court for more than 30 days, you may ask the Judge to make the tenant deposit the rent you claim is owed from the date the notice of petition and petition were served.

If you are not able to settle your case with the tenant before being called by the Judge or the court attorney, tell the Judge or court attorney your side of the case and whether you disagree with something the other side says. Sometimes the Judge or the court attorney is able to help you and your tenant reach an agreement.

If you are able to settle your case with your tenant either before or after you meet with the Judge or court attorney, a Stipulation of Settlement will be written. (See “What About Settlements and Stipulations? ” on page 12).


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