Where Can I Go for Help?

To find a lawyer.

Try to find a lawyer who specializes in Landlord-Tenant proceedings. You can call the Legal Referral Service at (212) 626-7373 operated by the Association of the Bar of the City Of New York. They will refer you to a lawyer who will charge a $25.00 consultation fee for the first half-hour. If you decide to hire the lawyer after this consultation, you and the lawyer will work out the fee that you will pay.

Resource Centers:
located in all Housing Courts, except Staten Island.
Hours of operation are:
9:30am-5:00pm Monday
9:30am-5:00pm Tuesday
9:30am-5:00pm Wednesday
9:30am-7:00pm Thursday
9:30am-5:00pm Friday

In Staten Island, there is a Housing Court Counselor available in the Clerk’s office to give legal information on Wednesday and Thursday from 9A.M. to 5 P.M. There is no need to make an appointment. The Resource Center provides self represented litigants with information on how they can represent themselves. Housing Court Counselors, who are attorneys hired to work at the court, provide legal information, as well as sample forms, booklets, and pamphlets detailing court procedures.

There is an informational video to watch for small property owners entitled, “Collecting Rent.” In addition, there is an informational video entitled, “The Resolution Part” which provides information on what to expect in a Resolution Part.

  • The Rent Stabilization Association (“RSA”) has information tables in most Housing Courts where you can obtain information geared toward small property owners.
  • The City-Wide Task Force on Housing has information tables in all the Housing Courts which provide information to both landlords and tenants.