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Greater Ridgewood Restoration Corporation (GRRC) is not a business but a non-profit organization that has worked since 1975 to stabilize and improve our neighborhood. Our anti-graffiti building cleaning program began on May 4, 1992, since then we have cleaned nearly 7,600 sites. The program is in operation from January through December.


GRRC removes graffiti from buildings with a high-pressure hot water pressure washer and caustic chemicals or by painting over non washable surfaces, such as wood or roll down gates.

WASH OFF:   Before & After

Our program is free of charge. Participants in the Anti-Graffiti program are encouraged to make a voluntary donation of any size.

Insurance, maintenance, fuel (both diesel and gasoline), supplies, paint and other expenses must be covered by grants and donations. Our crew, supervised by a neighborhood crew chief and cleaning assistant, works five days a week from January through December, on properties where the owner has given us written permission.

You might be reluctant to clean your building because you feel graffiti will quickly reappear.  Notify us as soon as graffiti reappears and GRRC will remove new graffiti up to three times a year. If we clean more than three times in a year, or if the new graffiti is very large, we may ask for  another donation.



Click the link below and download a printable version of our Release / Waiver in the file format that works for you.



Program funded by:

NYC Council Members Jennifer Gutiérrez and Robert Holden, grants, and contributions from the community.


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