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Types of Cases (Lawsuits) brought in Housing Court

Cases Brought by Landlords:

There are two types of cases your landlord can bring against you:

1. Nonpayment cases: The landlord claims you owe rent and is suing to collect the overdue rent and to evict you if you do not or cannot pay it.

2. Holdover cases: The landlord wants you evicted for reasons other than nonpayment of rent.

Cases Brought by Tenants:

There are three main types of cases you can bring against your landlord:

1. Illegal Eviction proceedings:
You ask the court to order your landlord or roommate to let you move back into your apartment after you have been illegally evicted

2. Housing Part (“HP”) proceedings:
You ask the court to order the landlord to make repairs in your apartment or building.

3. 7A proceedings:
One-third or more of the tenants in a building ask the court to take control of the building away from the landlord and give it to a court supervised administrator.


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